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Wifi Antenna And Antenna Classification

- Dec 11, 2017 -

The wireless network card can be divided into many kinds according to the different interface.

One is a special PCI interface wireless network card for desktop computers.

One is a special PCMCIA interface card for notebook computers.

One is the USB wireless network card, which can be used as long as the driver is installed, whether it is a desktop user or a notebook user. Only a wireless network card with USB2.0 interface to meet the needs of 802.11g or 802.11g+ should be paid attention to when choosing. In addition to the USB wireless network card, there are also a wide range of MINI-PCI wireless network cards used in the notebook computer. MINI-PCI is a built-in wireless card, Centrino models and non Centrino wireless LAN standard models using the wireless network card. The advantage is that the PC card or USB slot is not required, and the trouble of carrying on a PC card or USB card at any time is avoided. These kinds of wireless network cards have little difference in price, and are similar in performance / function. They can be selected according to the demand.