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The Role Of IPhone Signal Antenna

- Dec 11, 2017 -

IPhone's antenna is on the white edge of the side of the iPhone cell phone, and it's very obvious.

Mobile antenna, that is, the device used to receive signals on a mobile phone, the old type of mobile phone has an exprotral antenna, and most of the new handsets have been hidden in the fuselage.

Reception principle: the radio transmitter output radio frequency signal power is transmitted through the feeder (cable) to the antenna, and the antenna is radiated in the form of electromagnetic wave. When the electromagnetic wave reaches the receiving site, the antenna is followed by the antenna (only a small, very small part of the power is received) and sent to the radio receiver through a feeder. It can be seen that the antenna is an important radio device for transmitting and receiving electromagnetic waves, and there is no radio communication without the antenna.