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IPhone 5s Battery How To Save Electricity

- Dec 11, 2017 -

1, reduce the use of positioning services and APP

The first step is to click on the "location service" in the "privacy" option in the "Settings" application.

The second step, in the "positioning service" page, you can choose to close some App applications location service function.

The third step is to locate the service page and click on the "system service" page. Users can choose to turn off unnecessary options, such as "cellular mobile network search", "traffic condition", "set the time zone" and so on.

2, reduce the application search order of the background refresh

First, in the settings application, click into the "general" option.

The second step, on the "general" option page, click into the "background application refresh" option.

The third step, in the "background application refresh" Options page, you can choose to close some of the application that does not need a background refresh.

3, reduce the display of the project in the notification Center

The first step, in the notification center interface, click the "Edit" button below, you can enter the notification column settings page.

The second step, in the notification column setting page, click to add the "" button in front of the column, so that the column can be displayed in the notification center.

4, reduce the use of power consumption

In the first step, in the settings application, the general options page, click into the "amount" option.

The second step, set the page in the amount, click "battery consumption".

The third step, we can see the power consumption of each application on the battery consumption page. For example, we can see the past 24 hours and the past 7 days, the application of power consumption details, the most power consumption applications can be seen at a glance.

5. Set up a manual check for new mail

The first step is to "set up" the application page, and click "mail, address book, calendar".

The second step, in the "mail, address book, calendar," Options page, click "get new data" option.

The third step, in the "get the new data" page, click to open the "push" function. At the bottom of the page, every 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and hours automatically check the new mail settings for iPhone, but in order to save electricity, users can set up to check new mail manually.