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How To Fully Extend The IPhone Battery Life

- Dec 11, 2017 -

Far away from extreme temperature

Your equipment can perform well in a wide range of ambient temperatures, ranging from 16 degrees C to 22 C (62 F to 72 degrees F) as ideal temperature bands. It is particularly important to keep the equipment from being in a place where the ambient temperature is over 35 C (95 F), otherwise the battery capacity may be permanently damaged. In this case, when your battery is charged, you can't supply your equipment for a long time. The equipment can be further damaged by charging the equipment under the high temperature environment. When the battery exceeds the recommended temperature, the software may limit the charge after the battery reaches 80%. Even the storage of batteries in a high temperature environment can cause irreparable damage. When using a device in a very cold environment, you may find the battery use time reduced, but this is only temporary. When the battery temperature returns to the normal operation range, its performance will return to normal.

Remove some protections while charging

When you charge the equipment in a certain type of protective shell, you may produce too much heat, which affects the capacity of the battery. If their equipment becomes hot when charging, please remove the protective shell. For the Apple Watch Edition series, make sure that the magnetic charge table box is open.

Keep half the electricity for long storage.

If there is no long-term use of equipment, there are two key factors that will affect the overall operation of the battery: the temperature of the environment and the percentage of battery charging before power failure. Therefore, we suggest the following:

Please do not fully charge or discharge completely. The charge of the equipment should be about 50%. If you store the equipment in a state where the battery is completely exhausted, the battery may fall into a state of deep discharge, resulting in the consequences of no recharge. On the contrary, if you keep a fully charged device for a long time, you may lose a portion of the battery capacity, thereby reducing the battery's use time.

Turn off the power supply to avoid additional battery use.

The temperature is lower than 32 C (90 F) in a cool and non humid environment.

If you intend to store the equipment for more than six months, the equipment should be charged to 50% of the device every six months.

According to the length of the storage time of the equipment, it may be in the condition of insufficient battery power when the equipment is reused for a long time. If you want to use it again, you may need to charge it for 20 minutes with the original power adapter.

Open low electricity mode

With the low power mode introduced with iOS 9, it can easily extend the use time of the battery when the iPhone is low. Your iPhone will notify you when the electricity remaining 20%, and remind you again when the electricity remaining 10%. You need to light up a bit to turn on the low power mode. Or, you can also enter the "set up" > "battery" to open the mode. The low power mode will reduce the screen brightness, optimize the performance of the device, and reduce the system animation as much as possible. Mail, such as app, will stop loading data while running in the background, and AirDrop, iCloud synchronization, and continuous interoperability will also be stopped. You can continue to use the main functions, such as calling, sending and receiving mail and information, and connecting the network, etc. When your cell phone recharges, the low power mode will automatically shut down.