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Why is the bottom screw at the bottom of the iPhone6 at the bottom?

- Dec 11, 2017 -

Apple 6 bottom screws are mainly used for fixing screen LCD and shell. Apple phone has been using the two small screws at the bottom to fix the whole machine. Just like other intelligent machines seldom see the screws from the shell, why do they put them on the bottom?

First, it doesn't affect the appearance, and it also belongs to the high gear products on the screw itself. Because the CD surface is processed on the surface of the screws. The circles of a circle will reflect the bright light in the sunlight.

Two, does not affect the handle, if it is placed on both sides, the hands are easy to touch. After touching the body, it is easy to rust and feel bad. Moreover, if the screws are rubbed too large, they will also affect the appearance of screws.

Three, do not affect the level of placement, if put down the back of the body is not flat;

Four, solid (opposite to other phones without screws), cooperate with buttons and cooperate with good structure and well made accessories and precise size.

Five, the use of a special size of small screws, the general tool is easily unscrewed, to use a professional screwdriver.