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What are the advantages of LCD screen?

- Dec 11, 2017 -

1, zero radiation, low energy consumption, small heat dissipation

The principle of LCD LCD display is to restore the screen by reversing the angle of the liquid crystal molecules in the liquid crystal pixels, and it doesn't exist the ultra-high pressure components inside the CRT, so that the X rays exceeding the standard due to high pressure will not appear. And the structure of the machine is simple, modularized, and the high integration of the chip is enough to minimize the electromagnetic radiation produced when the circuit works. This design directly reduces the power consumption of the circuit, and the calorific value is very small. Although the LCD LCD screen may produce slight electromagnetic radiation at work, it is easily solved by shielding circuit. The CRT display, due to heat dissipation, should not leak out the radiation on the shield.

2, slim and lightweight

It is the appearance of the LCD LCD screen that makes the invention of a laptop possible. Similarly, table LCD LCD screen while in volume and weight than a laptop computer to some, but relatively CRT display that stupid and heavy is pale into insignificance by comparison. Compared with the 15 inch display, the depth of CRT display is usually close to 50 cm, while the latest LCD LCD NF-1500MA of white shark is less than 5 cm deep. With the consumption view and the change of the living environment, the demand for the volume and weight of household electrical appliances is getting higher and higher. LCD LCD screen with its slim and lightweight display natural advantage as the most likely to break the monopoly of the CRT monitor.

3. The display character is sharp

The picture is stable and does not flicker. The liquid crystal display unique display principle determines each pixel on the screen light uniformly, and red green and blue three colors pixels arranged closely, video signal directly to the pixels to drive the pixels behind the light, so there is no inherent traditional CRT monitors convergence and focus on bad ills.  So, the text LCD LCD display CRT display effect compared with the traditional are as different as heaven and hell. LCD LCD screen is very sharp, there is no CRT display text when the font blurred, font color, and other phenomena. Moreover, because the LCD LCD screen has been shining after power on, the backlight is working at high frequency, showing the picture is stable without flickering, which is conducive to the long time use of computers. The CRT display is repeatedly hit by the electron beam to the phosphor to achieve luminescence, which can lead to a periodic flicker of brightness. It is easy to cause discomfort in human eyes after long time use.

4. Accurate reduction of images

The LCD LCD panel adopts direct digital addressing mode. It can transform the video signal of the video card after AD conversion, and directly display the video signal on the LCD screen on the screen according to the "address" signal in the signal level. The CRT display is based on an electromagnetic field generated by a deflection coil to control the periodic scanning of the electron beam on the screen to achieve the purpose of displaying the image. Because the trajectories of the electron beam are easily affected by the environmental magnetic field or the magnetic field, the absolute positioning of the electron beam on the screen can not be achieved. Therefore, the CRT display is easy to appear in the geometric distortion of the picture, and the linear distortion can not be eliminated. The LCD LCD screen does not have this possibility. The LCD LCD screen can present the picture perfectly on the screen without any geometric distortion and linear distortion.