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LCD screen is mainly used in what place

- Dec 11, 2017 -

We can be classified according to the industry application, mainly with the following points.

Retail and food and beverage industry: trafficking machine, point food system, shopping, ticket purchasing public inquiries, vehicle satellite navigation system, etc. Reduce the crisis of interruption of operation due to shock and static interference.

Video: bingo game machines, slot machines, poker game machine etc.. The perpetual performance of the perpetual operation is persisted in confronting the hidden worries of an intentional sabotage.

Capacitive screen application financial business system: ATM bank teller machine, automatic teller machine, investment transaction Kiosk and so on. Can resist more than a million touch and still be able to operate perfectly.

Industry: factory automation control system and so on. Strong light interference, such as dazzle, is the best choice for the factory.

Mobile phone: Apple's iPhone, Motorola milestone. Samsung i8910 HD, Meizu's M8, Lenovo's O1 (Ophone) NOKIA X-6, Sony Ericsson

X10, HTC's Hero, and so on, have used the LCD LCD screen.

Medical laboratory and clean room for medical supervision, was approved, with medical records. The operation is completely unaffected by the pollution of blood and any chemical substance.

Public tours: household registration query system and navigation system.