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iPhone battery can be used for how long

- Dec 11, 2017 -

Now, in fact, any mobile phone charge is the same, because the use of lithium batteries!

The battery life cycle between 20%-80% is the longest life of the battery. (this is NASA's standard for aeronautical batteries.)

That means that when your battery starts to charge at 20%, do not discharge to 0% in depth. At the same time, when the battery rushes to about 80%, it will end charging. (for household 80%, it doesn't control well, so it can be charged to 100%, and remember to pull it out in time.

Lithium-ion battery taboo deep deep flush, it is not to use 0% recharge, and do not always plug in the power supply. The most afraid of high temperature lithium, don't try to answer the phone when in charge......

But the 4S machine does not have the difficulty of waiting for a day, if it is really unpractical to be charged strictly according to the standard. A telephone is also used for 3 years, don't care too much, the battery means to carry it!