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Apple iphone batteries have little impact on system speed

- Jan 10, 2018 -

Earlier the Apple Corp admit their software update will reduce the old version of the iPhone speed, led to consume

Apple cell phone batteries have little impact on system speed

Earlier the Apple Corp admit their software update will reduce the old version of the iPhone speed, led to consumer dissatisfaction, in the face of fermentation in the world of "slow down" product scandal, Apple was forced to publicly apologize, issued a statement through its official website, said it would not deliberately shorten any product life, and puts forward the solutions, will cut prices for more than the warranty of iPhone6 models to replace the battery. Can a better user experience be brought about by such a solution?

Apple Corp released in December 28, 2017 "to the majority of users on the iPhone battery and performance" that has never been and never will be by any means, to any apple to shorten the service life of the product, but will not reduce the user experience to forced everyone to upgrade equipment. All the time, Apple's goal is to create a popular consumer product, and to extend the life of iPhone as much as possible is an important part of it.

The price of replacing the warranty battery will be reduced, according to the proposal made by the apple in the statement. The move continues around the world until December 2018, for users who need to replace batteries with iPhone6 and subsequent models.

In this regard, apple customer service technical support personnel also did not give a positive answer. "Device battery consumption is a little fast, you can choose to make a replacement, but after upgrading, can we improve the system, so we can not give you a positive answer."

A mobile phone maintenance professional confuses that replacing batteries can improve standby performance, but it may have little impact on the speed of the system. "Apple and Android have this possibility, no matter what the battery, Samsung or apple or millet, HUAWEI, the battery used two after the winter will not be short, standby time. Replace the battery is mainly to solve the problem of standby, actually speed, change the battery have little impact. It is the processors, change the battery can only extend the standby battery life, the processor may run slightly weak, will not affect the speed of the processor, the new system may be a waste of electricity, may be a little more than before with a new battery for the time will be a strong point, but the effect on treatment is relatively small."